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Earplugs – The Uses and Features


The earplugs are a protective piece that is inserted into the external auditory canal to avoid damaging the ability of hearing of the wearer. They are used in environments with very strong noise or to keep out the water, sand and wind entering into the era.

Multiple Uses of Earplugs

This type of protection is used by workers who have to be near machinery which makes heavy noise, greater than 80 dB over very long periods of time. For example, compressors, drills, saws, mainly the machines being used in the construction process.

Some musicians who play strong styles such as rock use plugs in concerts to avoid hearing loss.

They can be used in swimming to prevent water entering into the ears, although the swim caps are also used to cover the ears when in water for swimming or working. These plugs are usually made of wax and must be adapted to each ear; they also reduce hearing something.

The earplugs can also be used to keep out sand in the ears to be in places where there is a lot of sand with strong winds.

As reducing the volume of sounds, they can help prevent hearing loss and tinnitus, the ringing in the ears, among other things.

Features of Earplugs

Some are disposable aiming for single use and also reusable. They are typically in yellow color with disposable foam and are available at very cheap prices. They can be bought in pharmacies in individual packages with 2 blocks per package.

Typically, they are made of soft foam, but other materials are also used such as silicone, vinyl, wax, cotton, elastomers and a few more materials.

Some, especially the reusable ones, they may be connected to a rope, which, in addition to avoid losing, facilitate the easier stretching of the earplugs. Reusable can be tailored to each user's ear. If they are well taken care of, they can last from days to years. For reasons of hygiene and to avoid infections, they are not supposed to be reused by someone else.

The earplugs were the invention of Chung Lee Tong which he did in the year of 1922 and they were mass-produced for export to various countries by the firm Cotton®.


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